All of the services you'd expect from an internal IT department, only outsourced and on call!

V I R T U A L   I T  S E R V I C E S

Managed Updates
Today, more than ever, it seems as though there is an endless stream of updates, upgrades and patches. From Microsoft to Adobe to Apple system updates, we make it our mission to monitor and install updates in a scheduled, predictable way.

Always with the goal of keeping your machines healthy and your team productive. 

Our monitoring client detects potential issues as early as possible so that we can address problems before they become disasters.
Monitored items include:

• Disk Drive Errors
• Memory Errors
• Storage Capacity
• System Performance
• Availability
• Backup Status

Asset Inventory (Tracking of all Managed Devices)
Through the real-time tracking and management of your devices, we help you and your team maintain real-time visibility into your fleet of workstations and Apple devices.

We provide regular reporting on list of devices, activities, backup status...etc. Breakdowns of all activities will be provided to you and your team on a monthly basis via email, with the information available to you online as well.

Help Desk
Your dedicated IT Service Desk provides troubleshooting and help with everything from password resets to server access and everything in between. All incoming requests are assigned a ticket number which members of your team can review at any time via a comprehensive online portal. 

Backup Management
We have partnered with a number of backup service providers to ensure that you always have the best fit for your backup needs.

We install, monitor and maintain your backup solution and will alert you if a backup doesn’t complete successfully. We also handle all licensing, reporting, monitoring, and restores of files when needed.


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